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our mission statement

We believe the time has come for humans to build a non-exploitative relationship with nature and the planet. Environmental issues can no longer be ignored. We must take action, coming from necessity and moving through all cultural initiatives. Nature's voice needs to be heard with a resounding call for change, and as its stewards, we are dedicated to raising our voices and amplify the best and most influential voices in the environmental arts and activism.

As an organization, we provide artists, activists and entrepreneurs the opportunity to gather, connect and work together for the future of the Earth.

We believe that arts, media and communication have the power to inspire and drive positive change as a strong, collective force. In these crucial times, where the future of nature is written, our mission is to align our actions with our values in everything we do, from our daily habits to cultural and artistic expression, and everything in between. Through our work, we promote ways to create a Better Earth for all, where nature, animals and humans can thrive together. 

Our aim is to inspire, connect, and amplify voices to build a better future for our planet.

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Better Earth media is  a women-led 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, USA.

We are an international and intersectional team of creatives and entrepreneurs, passionate about creating a sustainable future for the Earth and all Earthlings. With unique experiences, talents and backgrounds, we thrive in the spirit of collaboration. Wanting to create real, immediate change, we are dedicated to reaching people through art, media, and cultural activism.

Better Earth was born from our desire to do more. By reimagining our role as stewards of the Earth and taking responsibility for our future, we are actively promoting and amplifying sustainable solutions in multiple fields: artistic expression, mediatic outreach, food, fashion and business relations. We are fully invested in doing things BETTER, while supporting environmental arts and media, and their unique power to reach people from all walks of life.

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Los Angeles, USA


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