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Our different backgrounds are our strength. Our love for the arts is our engine. Our passion for nature is our fuel.

Author, public speaker, artist and ultramarathon runner with a passion for animal and environmental advocacy. Using her own drastic fitness & health transformation as a testimony to what is possible, Jane empowers people to embrace their ability to make a difference with each choice, in every moment, & every interaction.

Producer, event producer, and artist with a passion for nature and animals. Born and raised in Italy, Annalisa began her career in production and event management in Spain, alongside her constant dedication to the arts. Annalisa, aka Inanna, is now dedicating all her music to environmental and naimla rights issues.


Writer, philosopher and journalist for acclaimed Norwegian & international newspapers and magazines. Board member of the Norwegian Writers' Climate Campaign, Series Editor of Futurum Collection at Existenz Publisher and Editorial Board Member at Technophany. His books "Rediscovering Earth", and "Thinking on the Planet", have been published internationally.

Strategic and driven event planner and producer, fundraising director with a vast experience in the entertainment industry and non-profit organizations. An expert in handling budgeting,  negotiations and liasons with venues, vendors, sponsors, PR professionals and celebrities. Silvia is also a freelance Entertainment Correspondent for renowned Italian magazines.

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