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what we do.

We serve the community by promoting better-for-the-Earth initiatives, events, products and a better culture for the future of Nature. Our current programs are:

Better earth talks

We organize educational talks and networking events, exploring diverse environmental media topics and featuring special guest speakers. We collaborate with sustainable brands and vendors to make our events as low-impact as possible. Our events' catering is always 100% plant-based.


Every year for Earth Day or Earth Week we organize a special educational and networking event focusing on the intersection between media, arts and environment. We have been collaborating with locations such as Soho House, 1 Hotel and De Buena Planta to create impactful and more sustainable experiences for our guests.

benefit CONCERTS

Arts and music are our passion, and through arts we can bring people together for great causes. We love organizing benefit concerts, exhibitions and more, in order to support the best game-changing environmental and animal rights organizations.


We love promoting impactful content, but also facilitating meaningful connections. Through our platform, numerous guests have forged lasting relationships, and embarked on collaborative projects. We take pride in nurturing these connections, as they fuel the growth of the environmental movement in arts and media.

BETTER EARTH MEDIA is dedicated to promoting, exploring, encouraging and amplifying environmental projects in the arts, voices and initiatives that promote a better way of living on the planet, and a culture of care for nature and other species. 

We organize educational gatherings in the form of panel discussions or networking events in-person and online, focused on discussing and presenting audiovisual productions as a point of entry to engage with crucial issues and contemporary debates. 

The panel discussions and events focus on topics such as storytelling for the planet, plant-based future, music and the environment, sustainable fashion, animal rights and social/climate justice.  Experiencing the great feedback and turnout to our events, we are strengthened in our resolve to make Better Earth Media both a meeting place for initiatives, an amplifier for voices speaking out for environmental issues, and a launch-pad for new initiatives – connecting resourceful people and bringing aligned projects in fruitful collaborations. The educational and community-building work we have done so far has shown the educational value of a direct dialogue between non-profit organizations, the arts and the general audience.

What THEY Say

Our first experience with Better Earth Media was at the Soho House in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles. Having no idea exactly what to expect, we walked in to be met by friendly beautiful young people, some working the event and some there to experience the well-organized program that had been so thoughtfully put together. I felt so lucky for us to have been included in this fascinating event […] Our nonprofit, Music Declares Emergency, fits right into Better Earth Media’s environmental and animal rights program and Rich was given enough time to explain the future goals of MDE - using the power of music to motivate fans to be aware of and take action to address the climate and ecological emergency.



past GUESTS, sponsors & collaborators

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